Our Story

The Rocker 7 Story

The Rocker 7 Brand has been registered in Arizona for more than 60 years, and used by the Leister family in Arizona agriculture for five generations now. We could think of no greater way to celebrate the heritage of this family commitment to agriculture than by continuing the legacy of the Rocker 7 brand in our family farming operation, Rocker 7 Farms, and now our family farm experience, Rocker 7 Farm Patch. We hope this piece of heritage will warm and welcome visitors and give them a taste of the rich family history in Arizona agriculture.

Educators, check out our Spring and Fall school tours!

Special programs are available for school groups during the week to engage students in the farm experience and educate them in related learning standards. Tours and lessons are led by a certified Arizona educator, familiar with both the farm and the classroom. Check here for more on our school tours.