What’s “growing” on at the farm?

What’s “growing” on at the farm?

So, we all know that Rocker 7 Farm Patch is just a small patch of our family farm operation, Rocker 7 Farms. This year, we incorporated the ground at Rocker 7 Farm Patch into our general rotation on the farm. Which means we planted durum wheat on the ground we used for the corn maze, pumpkin patch and sunflower field back in the fall.

In full disclosure, we had a bit of trouble over there. We ended up having to partially replant our crop due to a significant bird problem in the field, eating up all our seed before it germinated into a wheat plant.

We have things rolling now, and will spend the next few months keeping our wheat irrigated and fertilized to grow a good crop, with large grain heads, and high in protein.

Where does our wheat go, you ask?

We’re so glad you did!

The type of wheat we grow in Arizona, durum wheat, is actually used to make pasta. Quite a bit of American-grown durum wheat is exported to Italy, to Italian pasta plants.

But quite a bit of it also stays local.

Did you know there’s a pasta plant right next door (practically) in Tolleson? There is. And we deliver some of our wheat crop to it. American Italian Pasta Company has a plant to turn Arizona-grown durum wheat into pasta products, right here in the West Valley. Their plant is also directly connected to Bay State Milling, which uses remaining grain for more refined products, such as flour for us all to take home and use to bake all kinds of treats.

2014 wheatWe sure hope the 2015 wheat crop, which will be harvested in June, yields as well as our wheat crops the last few years!


Thank you for selecting durum wheat products at the grocery store to fulfill your family’s pasta needs! Your Arizona wheat farmers thank you.