Teacher’s Thoughts on Rocker 7 Farm Patch Field Trips

Are you a teacher considering Rocker 7 Farm Patch field trips for your school?

We think this chat with Palo Verde Elementary School first grade teacher Julie Kerr may help! Julie was raised on a dairy farm herself, one of many reasons she is passionate about bringing agriculture into her classroom, even with young students.

Her class, along with the rest of Palo Verde first grade, was first to book a Rocker 7 Farm Patch field trip last fall for our opening season. Location was a big factor in their decision when looking for field trips. Most West Valley schools have to travel quite some distance for a field trip experience, so the ability to hop on a bus for only 15 miles or so was a welcome adventure for these Far West Valley teachers.

Here’s what Julie had to say:

Beyond location, Rocker 7 Farm Patch field trips are developed by a certified Arizona educator, familiar with state learning standards and committed to relating hands-on farm experience with key learning standards that must be applied in the classroom, ensuring your “day on the farm” is not a day of lost instruction, but a day of engaged educational experiences.

Rocker 7 Farm Patch is pleased to offer spring field trips this year, in addition to our fall field trips focused on the pumpkin patch. Are you looking for a farm field trip for your school? Do you want your students to get an idea on where their food comes from (beyond the grocery store!)? Do you think they would enjoy helping us plant on the farm and taking home their very own seed cup?

Get in touch with us today to reserve your farm field trip at Rocker 7 Farm Patch!