Successful First Week of Spring School Tours

Successful First Week of Spring School Tours

We had an amazing first week of Spring school tours here at Rocker 7 Farm Patch, and it all started with this watery substance we’ve heard of that occasionally falls from the sky called rain!

Arizona isn’t exactly known for its heavy rainfall (we only average about eight inches per year), but you never would have guessed that had you been in Buckeye on Thursday, March 19th as a fleet of school buses navigated the typically dry Bermuda grass field/parking lot.

However, that didn’t stop more than 200 students, teachers and chaperones from Verrado Elementary School from coming out to enjoy a day at the farm! While mud was an ever-present danger (or source of fun, depending upon how you look at it), this group wasn’t bothered one bit!

It was simply amazing to see these young kids endure the discomforts of the uncontrollable weather. As agriculturalists, we see struggles like unpredictable weather and unforeseen problems and keep pushing through, just like these young kiddos and their leaders from Verrado Elementary.

It was absolutely amazing to see so many individuals come out and see how important agriculture is to our society! While our goal is for students to learn about agriculture, it is simply inspiring to us and our mission to see hundreds of young people excited about being on the farm. It truly makes it all worthwhile.

We sure have learned a lot ourselves over the past couple of weeks (like how we can potentially prepare for an unseasonal rain storm), and we hope we have sent all of our Spring school tour students home with an increased knowledge and awareness about where their food and fiber comes from and how important that concept is as they grow.

As the spring is coming to a close with just a couple weeks of tours remaining, we hope we have inspired the patrons of Rocker 7 Farm Patch to continue in their pursuit of agriculture and agricultural education!

We are excited about our remaining Spring school tours, and looking forward to planning out our fall trips for even more farm field trips in October. Our deepest thanks to all the school groups who joined us for this inaugural Spring season, and we hope to see familiar faces in the Fall season and for years to come.