The Story of Rocker 7, Part 1

So, back in the fall, probably the biggest question we received from all our visitors on the farm was, “Where did the ‘Rocker 7’ come from?”

We explained our part of the story:  that Rocker 7 was a family brand, we had carried it into farming when we started Rocker 7 Farms, and we felt it only made sense to name the small part of our farm we were sharing with the community “Rocker 7 Farm Patch”.

Since the general response to that was still, “But where did they come up with the ‘Rocker 7’ brand?” we’re trying to get a better answer.

Grandma MaryWe started with Brandon’s 90-year-old grandmother, Mary Leister. Her father and husband used the brand beginning in the 1960s, making her the second generation to use the Rocker 7 brand in Arizona agriculture.

I do have to admit that the “where in the world did the Rocker 7 come from” question remains a mystery, as when she was asked, her response was, “I have no idea!”

But, you can learn a little about how the family first came to Arizona, got started in agriculture, and what the Rocker 7 brand was first used for here, along with some of Mary’s thoughts on what it’s like to raise a farm family and what it means to her to have future generations carrying on the brand and involved in Arizona agriculture.

We hope to follow up with future installments from the third and fourth generations, and maybe two-year-old Leyton will even make an appearance to talk about being the fifth generation in Arizona agriculture.

Enjoy – we have a feeling you will love Mary as much as we do!