How does Rocker 7 Farm Patch educate?

As a former agricultural educator, it is always great to see the “ah-ha” moment from a student.

For those who do not come from an education background, the “ah-ha” moment comes when a student finally comprehends a concept you have been working to get them to understand.  I always LOVED that moment! And I still do – even on the farm.

Whether we had been discussing it for weeks or minutes in the classroom, the feeling that it finally “clicked” for a student is a feeling that cannot be duplicated. But while that moment may be irreplaceable, it means just as much when a student tells you a concept they learned from you paid off in a real world setting. This rang true for me just a few days ago when I received a message from a former student.

The student sent me a picture of a PowerPoint lesson he was receiving in a new class. The slide contained a picture of soil classification. He went on to thank me because he was the only student in his class who knew anything about this soil lecture…all because of a concept we had covered in my class a few YEARS earlier.

He remembered learning the soil classifications through a hands-on exercise we experimented with in my class to put the concept into practice. He probably never imagined then that he would use the information again, but he did. The fact that he learned something in a hands-on, real-world setting proved beneficial to him as he has continued his academic career.

Tell me and I forget, involve me and I learn

While this is just one of several incidents I have experienced with my former students, this specific message of thanks made me consider how concepts that are taught in a similar hand-on, applicable manner (like this student received in my classroom) can be beneficial to students in the long run.

At Rocker 7 Farm Patch we are able to give everyone that opportunity!

We are able to afford students the opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects in a very real world setting. Students will not only be learning about the plant growth and development life cycle in the “traditional” way, but they will participate in these concepts while outdoors, down in the dirt, on the farm.

They will have the opportunity to see the cycle of crops commonly found here in Arizona starting from seed, to harvest, to processing, to the final products they find in their pantries. The application of these concepts is what sets the farm learning environment apart from the classroom.

While at Rocker 7 Farm Patch, students will be able to get their hands dirty and experience first hand what farm life is like. By giving students the opportunity to learn where their food and fiber comes from in the most realistic way possible, we are offering real world applications that can be utilized in a variety of areas, just like my former student applied his knowledge in a new class.

Whether you’re a Kindergarten student or a Kindergarten parent, come on out to Rocker 7 Farm Patch – we would love to see you on the farm for some hand-on learning and application!

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.