5 carve-free pumpkin decorating ideas

Are you looking for new pumpkin decorating ideas this year? Maybe some that don’t involve messy pumpkin “guts” and require hours of whittling away with a miniature knife?

Our Pumpkins! Board on Pinterest has a few ideas…

1. Make a mess-free ribbon pumpkin.

Ribbon Pumpkin





2. Visit the local hardware store to bejewel your pumpkin. Also mess-free.

Hardware Store Pumpkin





3. Add a simple monogram to your porch pumpkin.

Monogram Pumpkin





4. Break out the power tools. This gets messy again, but probably still easier than carving.

Power Tool Pumpkin





5. Use all of those broken crayons around the house.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin





We are sure your Rocker 7 Farm Patch pumpkin will turn out great, no matter how you choose to decorate (or eat!) it!

Happy Pumpkin Decorating to you all!