New season, New horizon

New season, New horizon

Well, here we are, at the start of a new fall season. And it’s a new season, indeed. With lots of exciting things on the horizon.


The biggest change we’re making is that Rocker 7 Farm Patch is in the process of making the transition from a LLC to a nonprofit organization. While this won’t initially change much on the “outside”, it will bring “inside” changes that (we hope) enable us to better serve our community and mission. We’re honestly not sure why we didn’t open up this way initially. You see, our main vision and goal with Rocker 7 Farm Patch was to create a fun, family-friendly atmosphere the West Valley could call its own, while promoting our beloved Arizona agriculture and engaging in consumer education.


We are very excited about this transition and the new opportunities and doors we think it will open to further our mission and serve our community. Stay tuned for information on volunteer opportunities at the farm!


When you arrive at the farm this year, be ready to enjoy a lot of new small activities to keep the farm fun and entertainment at an all time high. While we aren’t adding any large new attractions, there will be more hands on games and activity stations that should keep all ages engaged, entertained and likely educated a bit as well.


As always, please take every photo opportunity on the farm. Share away with friends and family, and hashtag your posts #rocker7farmpatch and #farmfreshfamilyfun.


We’re looking forward to the new season and can’t wait to see lots of new faces on the farm this fall!