Guest speaker – from the farm to your classroom

Guest speaker – from the farm to your classroom

Are you interested in bringing agriculture into your classroom? Did you know Rocker 7 Farm Patch offered guest speaking services to schools and other educational programs?

Well, we do!

As a certified Arizona educator himself, Brody is passionate about teaching Arizona’s youth about all the farm has to offer.

That’s why we want to make sure you know that aside from our on-the-farm school tours, Brody is happy to come to your classroom throughout the year as a guest speaker.

What does a Rocker 7 Farm Patch guest speaker offer to my classroom?

  • A certified Arizona educator, with experience in the classroom and in production agriculture
  • An agricultural lesson, tailored to your grade level and classroom topics
  • Your students’ questions about agriculture…answered!
  • A hands-on, unique agricultural activity, available upon request
  • A “face to the farm” for your students to relate their food supply back to the local farm

Where has Brody been a guest speaker?

Why does Rocker 7 Farm Patch offer a guest speaker for my classroom?

  • The biggest aspect of our mission statement is education. We are all passionate about agriculture, and equally passionate about ensuring the next generation understands and appreciates it. We’re doing our part in outreach to help students and families in the West Valley learn about Arizona agriculture.
  • We also like to build a relationship with local schools. We would love to have every student in the far West Valley on the farm for a full tour and lesson. But in reality, it may not be an option for every teacher or every school district. To remain true to our mission, we still want to build a relationship with students in our area so they have a farmer’s face to associate with food from the farm.

Interested in having a Rocker 7 Farm Patch guest speaker in your classroom? Brody is happy to accommodate your classroom schedule as best as possible. Get in touch with us today!