Meet the Rocker 7 Farm Patch Intern

While the Job Fair for the Fall Festival is this coming Saturday (8/30 at 8:30), we already have a new face on the farm!

Meet Nicole Piech:

Nicole Piech, Rocker 7 Farm Patch Intern


Nicole is a senior at Millennium High School, where she is serving as the Millennium FFA Chapter President. She approached us about the possibility of an internship this year as part of her Supervised Agricultural Experience for FFA and to receive school credits through Career and Technical Education.

Nicole said, “I want to get more experience in the business side of the agricultural field so that I am more prepared when I go to The University of Arizona to major in Agribusiness Economics and Management.” 

With two Wildcats already on the team, and a few Agribusiness/Economics degrees between all of us, how could we say no to that?

Nicole considers her most accomplished moment placing second at the National level for the Parliamentary Procedure Career Development Event through FFA.

We’re happy to have you on the team, Nicole!