How does your garden grow?

When we planted our wheat crop this winter, Brandon reserved a few rows for Brody to try his hand at farming and grow a garden.

Farm land Buckeye AZEventually, we hope to get the garden crops figured out well enough to incorporate them into our school tours. For now, we will be¬†experimenting and learning about plants we don’t have any experience growing.

We do have a few challenges at hand. The largest will be water. Garden crops will need a more frequent irrigation schedule than our regular farm crops, and the well water we have on site is much too salty for these sensitive plants. We will likely be trucking in water from another well on the farm with excellent water quality. Soil conditions are also not ideal in this area for fruits and vegetables.

But, we’re working on a cropping plan and will give it our best shot to grow a great garden and help students experience growing food ready for immediate consumption right from the field (as opposed to our commodity crops, which mostly require some kind of processing before consumption – wheat to flour, etc.)

We’ll be working with some experienced gardeners in the area (Brandon’s mom, to start!) and hope to have a lovely little garden growing soon.

We hope your school group gets to visit the Rocker 7 Farm Patch Garden soon!