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Learn more about our farm field trips and how we value agricultural education.

Rocker 7 Farm Patch is proud to host engaging educational experiences with our interactive farm tours, affectionately called our Farm Fresh Field Trips!

Field trips are offered by Rocker 7 Farm Tours, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused strictly on agricultural education, providing farm tours to local students.

We have put together a curriculum of lessons directly tied to the learning standards for Arizona schools, tailored to specific grade levels and overseen on the farm by a certified Arizona educator with experience on the farm and in the classroom.

Would you like to contribute to the agricultural experiences of local youth? 

Did you know you can help fully fund, reduce the cost or contribute to farm activities available for your local school with a tax deductible donation to Rocker 7 Farm Tours? It is the goal of Rocker 7 Farm Tours to work toward decreasing the cost for schools to attend a farm field trip through the generosity of our local business partners and friends of agriculture.

You can make an easy online donation to Rocker 7 Farm Tours HERE.

Or, use our Rocker 7 Farm Tours Donation Form.

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We’ll have the Fall 2020 Guide posted soon. Until then, contact us at the email below to see what we have in store for this year and get your questions answered.

Homeschool Day

Next year, Friday, October 16th is reserved as our Homeschool Day for homeschool families and groups to enjoy a morning on the farm, complete with scheduled educational presentations and pumpkin picking. Gates will open at 8am, Educational Presentations offered at 9am and 10am, gates will close at 11am. Book using the form below or contact Homeschool Day pricing is $10/student, $5/adult.

Preschool Day

One thing we noticed in our past years of field trips is the need for short, simple lessons for our preschool students, and how they tend to get a bit overrun on the play areas when mixed in with bigger kids. To help with both of those things, we now offer a Preschool Day. Next year, Wednesday, October 14th, the farm will only be filled with our youngest farmers! Book below or contact

Special Needs Day

Just as our small farmers like to have a unique day, we’ve also worked closely with our special needs educators the past few years and have found a separate Special Needs Day helps us best care for these groups and offer them the best experience possible, with ample time in their favorite farm areas. Next year, Tuesday, October 13th, the farm will be filled with our most special guests! Book below or contact

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Stay tuned for previews of prepared lessons, or get in touch with us for more information along the way.

Field Trips

Teachers! You may be able to get your farm field trip funded!

Do you know a local business or individual that may like to help ensure a farm experience for your students? Did you know they can send a tax deductible donation to Rocker 7 Farm Tours, the nonprofit organization providing farm field trips at Rocker 7 Farm Patch that could partially or fully fund your field trip? It’s true!

Rocker 7 Farm Tours is fully committed to educating local students on agriculture and our local farming community. We are happy to work toward reducing the cost of our field trips to our local schools through donations that directly fund certain field trips, or go toward adding or improving our farm activities available to field trip students.

They can make an easy online donation to Rocker 7 Farm Tours HERE.  Or, use our Rocker 7 Farm Tours Donation Form. Just be sure to have them mention your school name when submitting the donation!