Farm School for Home School

Farm School for Home School

One question we frequently receive is, “Do you offer tours for home school groups?”

Our answer?


In fact, during our very first round of farm school tours last fall, we had a really large home school group join together for a great tour with Brody.

Home school tours on the farm work in much the same way as our other school tours, but the parent-teachers in the home school groups are given the teacher/educator discount in their admission.

We know how much home school parents value hands-on, engaging and practical learning experiences, which is exactly what we strive to offer at Rocker 7 Farm Patch with each and every tour on the farm.

What are some ways to improve a farm tour for your home school group?

  1. Schedule early. Book your trip with us as soon as possible to be sure you get a date and time that works with your daily schedule and curriculum for this time of year.
  2. Explore resources. Check related materials such as our Teacher Resources board on Pinterest, or even our Durum Wheat Recipes board to take your farm experience directly into the kitchen. (We have boards for Pumpkin Recipes and Corn Recipes for our fall tours.) If you need extra help, ask us to point you in the right direction for activities and tools to use in your home school classroom to make sure your agricultural experience doesn’t begin and end with your day on the farm.
  3. Divide and conquer. Especially if you are part of a large home school group, we would suggest dividing your group as best you can into age groups to ensure each tour is tailored to the appropriate level for your students. We can offer suggestions based on the size of your group and our tour guide availability.

Questions about home school tours with Rocker 7 Farm Patch? Ask away!

We hope to see you and your home school group enjoying one of our tours this spring – or fall!