Announcing 2015 Fall School Tours

Many of you may just be counting down the days remaining on this year’s school calendar, but we know plenty of teachers are already looking ahead to next year and planning everything that will make the school year a wonderful experience for their next group of students.

We have good news for all of those teachers who may be in that planning stage right now:  The Rocker 7 Farm Patch 2015 Fall School Tours are ready for booking! 

Wheat lesson at Rocker 7 Farm PatchWhat’s included in a Rocker 7 Farm Patch school tour?

  • Detailed, learning standard-specific lesson plan to provide to your school administration
  • 1 hour lesson delivered by a certified Arizona educator, eliminating any lost instruction for a day spent out of the classroom
  • Mini pumpkin from the patch for each student to take home; Honey straws provided to teacher for distribution following the lesson
  • Picnic, play and restroom areas to be used before or after your scheduled lesson

What will our lesson focus on this fall?

  • Where does our food come from?
  • Corn: its value and many uses
  • Sunflowers: much more than pretty flowers
  • Honey Bees: pollination and their importance in agriculture
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle
  • Fun on the Farm!

students make flour at Rocker 7 Farm PatchWould you like to join us on the farm for a school tour?

Check out our 2015 Informational Packet here, or you can get started booking with the form on our Educational Experiences page. As always, get in touch with us if you have a few questions.

Why book your Fall school tour so early?

Well, we’re believers in “the early bird gets the worm”. This year, we’re offering a special reward for teachers who have their tour booked, complete with a purchase order, prior to Friday, August 7th. A special discount for your group! What’s better than that to get fall planning kicked off on the right foot!?

Stay in touch with us throughout the summer!

Keep updated on our plans and get some peeks of the farm over the summer by following along with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and especially our Teacher Resources Board on Pinterest, where we try to round up useful tools to help incorporate farm lessons into your classroom.

Wishing everyone a fun, safe and happy summer break – we hope to see lots of friendly faces ready to have some fun on the farm this fall!