Agricultural education beyond the farm

Welcome, Educators!

We are thrilled about the opportunity to welcome you and your students to the farm this fall for a tour and educational lesson covering several facets of agriculture.

To make sure those lessons extend beyond the farm, we have created a new Pinterest board with a roundup of activities, projects, fact sheets, worksheets and other classroom tools you can use before and after your visit to continue agricultural education in your own classrooms and lessons.

There are resources ranging from preschool to upper elementary grade levels, as well as more advanced scientific facts and charts for older students. We plan to continue to find resources related to our farm visit curriculum and the following topics:

  • Pumpkins – growing, life cycle, themed lesson sheets
  • Corn – growing, life cycle, facts and lessons
  • Sunflowers – growing, life cycle, many uses
  • Bees and pollination – pollination cycle, hands-on activities, scientific importance

Follow along as we continue to add agricultural education resources and fall farm-themed activities to utilize in your classroom and enforce lessons included in your farm visit!

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