2016, here we come

We’re dusting things off around the farm and gearing up for full-blown preparation for the fall season!


The first order of business is bringing along some new team members. We have a few management positions currently open on the farm, with more festival positions to open later in the summer. The management positions are seasonal and temporary, but will require near full-time hours during the season.


Here’s a look at what’s available, that we’re looking to fill immediately:


  • Education Coordinator – manages farm field trips for the fall season
    · Oversees curriculum development, working with local educators
  • · Recruits new schools for field trips (bonuses for new schools contracted)
  • · Books/schedules fall tours (office support available for this), communicates with teachers
  • · Hires and manages all tour guides: responsible for scheduling, tracking tours conducted, employment paperwork, training, termination (if needed), etc.
  • · Works with office staff to ensure billing is conducted properly
  • · Follows up with teachers after tours for feedback
  • – Knowledge/experience in agriculture and education necessary
  • – Background check/fingerprint card required
  • · Compensation:  to be determined, with bonus options based on recruitment, in the $5000 range, available in installments leading up to tour season or in full following the fall season


Festival Director – manages all aspects of weekend festival

  • Planning and setup
  • – Daily operations
  • – Tear down and cleanup
  • – Pumpkin placement
  • – Knowledge of agriculture preferred, team management experience necessary
  • – Team management (hiring/training/termination/scheduling), registers, works with office staff, etc.

· Seasonal position only, roughly estimated at September 1 – November 5

· Compensation to be determined, with bonus options, up to $12,500


Concessions Manager – manages farm concession stand for weekend festival
· Oversees setup, closing and cleanup (can delegate these tasks to other team members, but is responsible for the work and outcome)

· Inventory management and procurement

· Team training and scheduling for concession stand

  • Must have a food handlers license

· Compensation will be based on an increased hourly rate


Do any of these sound like a perfect fit for you? Or do you know someone who would love working on the farm, or in education, for a temporary position? Pass the word along – we’re excited to add to the team this fall!